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New New New! We've got a new forum for the clan!
You can be registred at fieldofbattles.iphpbb.com!


  • [FoB]~JayMod
  • [FoB]~MeX
  • [FoB]~Moxie
  • [FoB]~Cocytos
  • [FoB]~Rage
  • [FoB]~Jynx
  • [FoB]~Subzer0
  • [FoB]~Mexico
  • [FoB]~Blackball
  • [FoB]~Valli

Special Rules:
Dont play close!! All Members have to play open!!

Where can you find us?

We haven´t got a server, but we play at other servers!
This Clan plays on:
  • Shrunkland
  • Crazy Tronners Wild Fortress
  • Fortress Café
  • Yellow Submarine (ex: Strawberry Fields)
  • BFAM - Brotherz From Another Motherz
  • WildCat
  • Strawberry Fields
To be continued..

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